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$ 25.00

There comes a moment in every humans life where they start to notice the frequency and quality of your presence. It happens between ages 2-5 wherein children can now begin to vocalize their feelings about your absence. Presents given to any kid that has missed their parents are obviously always appreciated. We've noticed, though, the more we give to our kids in measure of quality in-the-moment time, the greater the connection can be between parents and their offspring. In all honesty, this shirt is just an easy to forget reminder of the obvious - to give your all to children as often as possible. Play with the presents you present your kids while giving your presence as presently as possible. ;)

This design is printed on a WHITE American Apparel T-Shirt (Poly-Cotton (50% Polyester / 50% Combed-Cotton) with BLACK Eco-Friendly water based ink.

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